Wednesday, August 12, 2009

See Mom Shop

Ok, so I'm obsessed with little kids clothes. Even girl's and so far I've only got a boy. Ok, well especially girls since their clothes are so much cuter and have so many more options than boys. So I'm sure you can imagine how excited I was to randomly stumble across this mom's blog all about her toddler daughter's outfits: Confessions from a Daughter's Closet. I'm sure it helps that her daughter is super adorable but Bekki is hilarious and I just love checking out all her daughter's beautiful dresses and matching hair accessories!

*Photo from Bekki's Blog.

Fun Inside

We babysat my cousin's son a couple weekends ago and she's got this little play structure in her son's room that I thought was such a great idea! What a neat way to let your kids run around and play like they're outside while keeping them contained in the nice air conditioned (or dry, if it's raining) house. Christopher had a blast playing with his little cousin Connor.

Oh, and we caught a frog!

Red Wine Cupcakes (!)

Check out these gorgeous wine cupcakes made by my friend over at Occasional Sugar. They've actually got red wine in the cake and frosting recipes! That's so unique- I never knew you could make cupcakes with wine. Doesn't it look like you'd just want to drink it up!?