Monday, October 26, 2009

Flower Girls

Cute little flower girl shots, all from the knot, except the last one from the US Angels website.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Reception Look.

So our main colors are chocolate brown, bright pink and ivory. I want a gorgeous vintage/glam feel to the day and it's nice that the place where our reception is being held has huge tall ceilings with marble flooring, tall columns and beautiful molding all around.

image via

I love the look of the pearls and the gold detailing on these plates!
Image from About Weddings.

image via

Beautiful, sophisticated pink hues.
image via
For a cleaner look I've thought of going with light blue tablecloths, like in this picture. We'll just have to wait and see! I think we'll probably stick with pink or bown to keep with our color scheme.
image via The Memory Journalists.

Cake Inspiration.


Do you see a theme here? Round, white cake, bright pink flowers. That's what we're going for and we've come up with a design that puts a damask-type design along the top edge of each tier. so 14" 10" and 6" rounds to keep a good amount of sizing difference between each tier. I'm so excited to see our cake!

Vintage Wedding Inspiration.

Is it ok to change the theme of a blog? I guess if I'm just doing it for myself and don't really figure that anyone else actually reads it, then why not? Ok, I'm switching my "whatever inspiration" over to "wedding inspiration" because that's what I'm in now: wedding mode! I'll probably go back to the whole "whatever" mode in a couple months after our wedding.

First off: engagement photos! We haven't had any taken and I didn't really think we were, but I've been pouring through wedding blogs all over and now I want to do a vintage type photo shoot! I don't really like balloons at weddings (I used to think they were cheesy and should be reserved for birthday parties) but I've seen some pictures lately that I'm loving! I love the balloons in this picture (from the Sophia Coppola-directed Dior commercial) because they aren't typical balloon shape (they're totally spheres- so cool!) and the colors! So gorgeous with matte colors instead of blaring red, yellow and blue birthday balloons.

Nordstrom = Love

How awesomely glamorous does this new Nordstrom shop window look? I'm in wedding-mode now so anything shiny/pretty/detailed/glamorous/vintage has been catching my eye lately.

I love the jewel-toned dresses and background, the hanging bubbles and the shoes in their own bubbles. Sigh.