Saturday, May 30, 2009

Madsen Cycles

Madsen Cycles Cargo Bikes

How neat is this new Madsen cargo bike? It totally takes care of the need for something separate to put your kid in for a bike ride with you. Click the picture and go to their site- they're giving away 2 bikes next month!

Famille Summerbelle

The sweet little children's accessories and decorations store Famille Summerbelle is celebrating their 1st anniversary with free shipping worldwide- WOW! And the cool thing is that even though they are located in France you can pay in UK Sterling, Euros, and US Dollars. I've got my eye on the Count the Sweets print. Too bad the Paper Cut Paris Map isn't done yet.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Anthropologie at Last

I've been trying to avoid it all these years (ok, well for the past year anyway) because I've heard about how great it is. It hasn't been too hard so far since we don't have one close to us, but I finally made it into an Anthropologie store this past weekend when we stopped in Berkeley... and again in San Francisco. Great store but a mistake to go in when you're trying to save money! I'd been in one years ago one time but didn't care much about it then. This time I actually wanted stuff! I made out with a pair of capris for the summer and two tops plus some bubble bath for my sister's birthday present.

But I love this Musing Moon dress! It just makes me want to throw a dinner party... in the 50's, lol. Unfortunately they didn't have it in my size in San Francisco where I saw it. But that was probably a good thing though since until I win the lottery, I'm not about to pay full price for anything there. Right up there next to Sur La Table and William's Sonoma, I think I've found my new store to visit every time we're in the area.

Also next to the Anthropologie in Berkeley was this great paper store which carries stuff from the Cavallini paper line, which I just so happen to love. I almost bought the Paris stamp set but decided to wait... maybe we'll have to stop by again on our next trip to SF in a couple weeks.

Monday, May 11, 2009


Hope all the moms out there had a wonderful Mother's Day. We took a lazy Sunday and after church we picked up some breakfast to take back home since the wait was too long (an hour and 40 mins!). French toast for me and a breakfast burrito for Gregory and time to play trains for Christopher since he'd already eaten. Gregory and I also split a hazelnut iced mocha- yummmmmm! After that we decided to go for a drive and visited a couple of cities just outside of ours, browsing around and checking out a couple stores. We then drove back home and spent the afternoon at the park letting Christopher run around. A nice and relaxing day with my family! Oh, and did I mention that Gregory got me the beautiful Kate Spade wallet I'd been craving? How great is he!?

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Wish List

Since it's Mother's Day tomorrow and I just happen to be a mother myself, I figured I'm allowed to make a wish list. Not that I'm actually expecting to get anything from this list, but I can dream!

1. Report Ilana Ruffle Ballet Flats. Ok, this one is cheating since I've already ordered these online, but still, here they are. I live in flip flops and Uggs, so I think it's time I branch out my shoewear but since my feet are so wide, these are the only cute one's that I've tried on this past week that aren't too narrow since they're all leather and streatch. Plus they're pink and SO cute!

2. Kate Spade Thompson St. - Noel Remy Slim Wallet. This one is actually at the top of my list because I need a new wallet. I figured that the bright pink color (actually "geranium," how cute!) would be easy to spot in the bottom of my purse, which tends to be a black hole for whatever I stick in there.

3. Kate Spade Mariachi Rickrack Bracelet. I couldn't do with just one color of these bracelets! I know I'll never actually get these but love how they look stacked.

4. Kate Spade Thompson St. - Noel Stevie Tote. Might as well since it matches the wallet! No, I was browsing around at Nordstrom the other day and was actually looking for an emerald green purse, but came across the pink sale section and found this one (at least I think it's this one, if not it's very similar). It's a tie between this purse and another pink leather one.

5. Lucky Brand Sequin Embroidered Top. As you can tell, I'm trying to update my wardrobe with more bright colors for the summer and apparently pink is my color of choice. I like breezy tops with pretty details around the top, so this one is perfect. It was either this pink color or in black, but really I have enough black tops in my wardrobe.

6. This white sundress by Suzi Chin just screams summertime to me! Gorgeous.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Inspiration from Millalove Paper Creations

Gorgeous paper flowers look from the etsy show Millalove. Also check out the lovely custom banners she makes too!