Thursday, October 22, 2009

Vintage Wedding Inspiration.

Is it ok to change the theme of a blog? I guess if I'm just doing it for myself and don't really figure that anyone else actually reads it, then why not? Ok, I'm switching my "whatever inspiration" over to "wedding inspiration" because that's what I'm in now: wedding mode! I'll probably go back to the whole "whatever" mode in a couple months after our wedding.

First off: engagement photos! We haven't had any taken and I didn't really think we were, but I've been pouring through wedding blogs all over and now I want to do a vintage type photo shoot! I don't really like balloons at weddings (I used to think they were cheesy and should be reserved for birthday parties) but I've seen some pictures lately that I'm loving! I love the balloons in this picture (from the Sophia Coppola-directed Dior commercial) because they aren't typical balloon shape (they're totally spheres- so cool!) and the colors! So gorgeous with matte colors instead of blaring red, yellow and blue birthday balloons.

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