Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Anthropologie at Last

I've been trying to avoid it all these years (ok, well for the past year anyway) because I've heard about how great it is. It hasn't been too hard so far since we don't have one close to us, but I finally made it into an Anthropologie store this past weekend when we stopped in Berkeley... and again in San Francisco. Great store but a mistake to go in when you're trying to save money! I'd been in one years ago one time but didn't care much about it then. This time I actually wanted stuff! I made out with a pair of capris for the summer and two tops plus some bubble bath for my sister's birthday present.

But I love this Musing Moon dress! It just makes me want to throw a dinner party... in the 50's, lol. Unfortunately they didn't have it in my size in San Francisco where I saw it. But that was probably a good thing though since until I win the lottery, I'm not about to pay full price for anything there. Right up there next to Sur La Table and William's Sonoma, I think I've found my new store to visit every time we're in the area.

Also next to the Anthropologie in Berkeley was this great paper store which carries stuff from the Cavallini paper line, which I just so happen to love. I almost bought the Paris stamp set but decided to wait... maybe we'll have to stop by again on our next trip to SF in a couple weeks.

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  1. I'm sad that you were in my neck of the woods and we didn't hang out :(

    Yeah, If I was a rich person, I'd buy EVERYTHING at Anthropologie!!