Saturday, March 13, 2010

Weekly Goals.

Well, I did pretty well with last weeks weekly goal of blogging every day. Unfortunately I fell off that wagon the moment last Sunday came around. The point of my weekly goals is to set up positive behaviors (for lack of a better word) for myself. Doesn't do as much good as intended if I quit the first day I'm allowed. But I'm still proud of keeping up with the goal for a week.

This week hasn't gone so well. I kind of shot the original goal down the first night, so I ended up changing it. First goal was to go to bed by midnight every night this week. Got in bed about 12:15 the first night and then totally ran that one into the ground by staying up to watch a movie with my hubby until 1 in the morning another night. So I changed the goal for this week into getting small things done that I'd been putting off. Baking- check. Put away hubby's clothes that have been sitting around for a week- check. Vacuum my sons room- check (eek!). Clean my car- check. Pick up my wedding dress from the cleaners- check (finally!! But now what do I do with it?). Vacuum my room-... uh working on that one as well as the next one: make my hubby chocolate chip cookies. Think I'll go get started on that one right now...

Have a good weekend!


  1. you have a great blog. I pinned your post on Sesame Street Cupcakes on my board.