Monday, March 16, 2009

Belle of the Ball

When I find something that I love but am not going to buy right away I usually take a picture of it with my phone. Check out this adorable Belle costume. I sometimes find the Disney princess a little cheesy and cheesy looking, especially with the little picture of that particular princess on the front. If you want to look like the princess by wearing her dress wouldn't you want the same one that she had? She didn't have her picture on her dress. But when I saw this little ballet tutu type Bell dress in the Disney store I had to take a picture. Couldn't you just imagine a little girl dancing around in it? I love all the glitter and tulle and I'm a sucker for those corset-style ribbons! And check out the matching flower headband! And I don't even mind the Belle picture thing on the front. I'm trying to think of a way to justify this gorgeous outfit when I don't even have a girl!

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