Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Stephanie Rausser's gorgeous pictures

A couple months ago I was enamored with some pictures in Parenting magazine that were paired with an article called Objects of affection. The story was cute (especially the wild and crazy things the author's young daughter made up about her green pillow, like surviving on spoiled bananas for 20 days) but what really caught my attention were the pictures. At first glance they seemed a little posed and set up, but by reading the little blurbs that went with the pictures I discovered that they were pictures of the daughter of this woman, Stephanie Rausser, and her doll Coco. The pictures are so bright and fun but have a twist of elegance to them. I remember thinking that I wanted to tear the pictures out of the magazine to stick up on my board of mishmashed articles, pictures, and inspiration.

Fast forward to this past week when I was cruising through the Design Mom blog and came across some pictures of dolls by Jess Brown Design. The dolls looked not only interesting, but somehow familiar to me. I love that their clothing and accessories are all vintage finds! It wasn't until I happened to be going through magazines in our bathroom that I came across the affection article. After looking through the photographs again I thought about looking up the photographer online but decided to first go back and check out the blog with the doll pictures. Upon searching around the Jess Brown Design site I found a link to a slide show of pictures by Stephanie Rausser titled Kiki & Coco in Paris which documents her pictures of her daughter and her beautiful doll all around the city, including all the pictures from the Parenting article. The picture from the Eiffel Tower is the one I loved most from the magazine, but I think the one of her daughter with the Eiffel Tower in the background at dusk is by far my favorite. Check out the slide show and Stephanie Rausser's website to see her beautiful pictures.

I also love this picture from Stephanie Rausser's Website. Just look at the adorable print on the little girl's shirt!

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