Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I've given up on using a planner. I used to use them religiously when I was in school and I loved the layouts of those cheap ones I got from both my high school and college. I loved the monthly calendar that was followed by each week (as opposed to all the monthly calendars being grouped together at the beginning) and the fact that they were spiral-bound, so you could fold them all the way around. I used to go all out in decorating them and I know I can go back to my high school planners and browse through my old social life and pictures of all the bands and celebrities I admired back then, complete with magic marker and glitter.

But as I can't seem to find that perfect layout these days, I've redirected my search and I'm now on the lookout for the prefect sketch notebook or just something to jot down ideas, plans, and random such things. How gorgeous are these Cavallini & Co. notebooks though? They're the prefect size to stash in my purse (6x8) and the whimsical designs are just so inspiring! I'm especially loving the Pink Paris Collage Notebook- vintage stamps, Paris, and pink? Oui s'il vous plaƮt!

I'm also loving this Ephemera Labels tin available at Kate's Paperie (the above notebooks are also available there).

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  1. Those are really cute. But I have enough trouble keeping up on my children's journals, let alone trying to keep myself straight with a day planner!!