Tuesday, April 7, 2009

High Expectations

Sometimes (ok, a lot of the time) the ideas I come up with in my head don't always match up with the abilities or resources I have. And when I come up with an idea, I usually know exactly what I want it to look like, down to the very last detail. And I'm hard to convince to take any exceptions- usually. I think that's why it takes me forever to finish something. It's not necessarily putting it together, it's deciding on what I want and trying to get it to look prefect.

For example, take the bridesmaids dress I've picked out for my & Gregroy's wedding (date tba). That (above) is the picture of the Ann Taylor dresses that have already been bought (on sale!). Our colors are going to be dark brown and light pink (not too light, but just not like, BRIGHT pink). So the dresses are espresso. Fine. But my idea is inspired by this picture below (courtsey of the Knot):

So I want the brown dresses, with a cream/ivory top over them (for our church wedding) with a pink sash. So the dresses and the sash aren't a problem, it's the ivory top. Those ones in the pictures were from Banana Republic, but of course they don't make anything close them anymore. But I love those tops! Anyone got any ideas as to where to look for cream/ivory tops to go over the brown dresses?

I've also got the flower girl dress picked out and already purchased. I knew that I wanted this exact satin Us Angels dress in ivory (not white) with a dark brown sash. Well I found one that is the exact right size (I hope) of the ivory satin dress at Nordstrom last year. And guess what the best part was? It was on sale! Plus I didn't have to pay for shipping, which is one thing that irks me to have to pay for. The only thing is that the sash is purple instead of brown, but a brown sash won't be hard to find. I just hope if fits her by the time we come up with a date!

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