Thursday, April 9, 2009

lots to do

Ok, since I am a firm believer of list making and right now seems to be a particularly hectic next few days, I can't promise any new posts. But here is my current to do list/notes on life to do
today and tomorrow:

Need to Do:
-today is Christopher's 3rd birthday (!).
-I need to make out treasure hunt cards for his birthday gift hunt
-put together his cake (already baked- whew!)
-go to the grocery store to get cherries to put in the middle of his cake (his request)
-make sure we have strawberries for the top of his cake (also his request), if not- buy strawberries.
-hide his birthday gifts for his birthday present hunt.
-Church at 7 pm tonight because it's Holy Thursday
-book plane tickets for a flight to Las Vegas, to and back on Saturday for a family emergency- :(
-look into renting a car in Las Vegas. Gregory wants to spring and get a luxury car.
-look into parking fees for San Francisco Airport
-look into fees for renting a car in San Francisco and dropping it off in Sacramento.
-bake cookies for Easter
-eat lunch today?
-finish painting my toes
-call for waxing appt. for tomorrow
-pack for Las Vegas
-call my cousin about plans for Easter
-clean my & C's room
-stop by Best Buy & Toys R Us
-drop off invitations to 2 people for Christopher's birthday party next week

Things I probably won't get done:
-get over the fact that we have to leave C for the very first time overnight (*sob*)
-get over the fact that I won't be here to decorate Easter Eggs with C this year
-decorate cookies for Easter (might have to ask my decorating assistant, Elaine, to do that, haha jk, she's my future sister in law, not assistant, but she's great with the decorating!)
-make cupcakes for Easter using pretty new cupcake wrappers
-cleaning my & C's room
-cleaning the bathroom
-cleaning out my car
-finding time to breathe
-blog (It'll be a miracle if I even get this up!)

.... ok I'm sure there's more to add, but I've got to get off this computer and grab some cookies out of the oven. Wish me luck!

I hope everyone has a nice Easter!

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  1. Thinking of you in all your craziness...

    Have a great Easter weekend. And happy birthday to the little guy.