Thursday, April 2, 2009

Elephant Escapade

I love the picture of my son baking in the kitchen. Flour streaked across his hair and nose, his little chubby hands squishing around some cookie dough in a big blue bowl, and an apron that's so big on him it has to be tied twice around his waist and goes all the way down to his feet.

Not only is the thought of him in a little apron so adorable to me but I've learned that the apron is a necessity in the kitchen! Since Christopher's got so many cute clothes I don't always mind changing them, but it's the stains I'm trying to avoid here. Plus you never know what you're going to find in that little front pocket! I've found chocolate chips and goldfish crackers in C's (at the same time). If you've got kids who love to help out in the kitchen an apron is pretty indispensable.

One apron I like is at Now Designs where they offer different pattern sets for children's kitchen accessories. I like the colorful Elephant Escapade line- anything that brings bright colors into the kitchen is fine with me! Plus the aprons are vinyl which makes them super easy to clean. The little elephants just look like they're ready to party in your kitchen!

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