Wednesday, April 8, 2009

One for One

If you don't already know about this company, please please check them out. Toms Shoes has a simple premise: for every pair of shoes sold, they will give away a pair of shoes to a needy child. One for one. So simple, but so powerful and wonderful for those children receiving shoes.

The company was started by Blake Mycoskie in 2006 when he was on a trip to Argentina and took notice of many young children without shoes. He took the simple design of some traditional Argentinean shoes and redesigned it to work for American consumers (Christopher's got the green camo ones!). So far they've given away over 130,000 pairs of shoes in Argentina, Africa and more recently the United States.

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I recently saw an episode of "The Entreprenuers" on CNBC that featured Blake Mycoskie and Toms Shoes. You can catch a rerun of the episode on Friday, April 10th at 1 pm. Also be sure to check out or Blake Mycoskie's blog.

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  1. This is very, very cool! I had never heard of them. I just looked through their site, and the women's wrap boots are way cute!! I didn't see any styles in the youth sizes, though. I'll have to keep checking.

    Thanks for the link!